• Album Art

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    Photography + Digital Design + a Little Patience = Album Art

  • Apparel & Accessories

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    You need gear. Not for yourself, but for your fans. Sell your merchandise on your website, at your shows, on the street, and next thing you know you’ll be sold out and taking back orders for your stuff. We print ourselves and only produce high quality work that can be washed over and over again without fading. Music is a hustle, don’t forget it!

  • Artist Photography

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    You can NEVER have too much content. Grab a couple outfits and make sure you’ve wiped the crust off your mouth, we’re going shooting.

  • Artist Website

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    If you’re an upcoming artist, you need a website. Your fans need one central place to get your music, your event dates, and most importantly, all of your merchandise. We build a fully responsive and commerce ready website that’s not only smooth, it’s another easy way to line your pockets. There’s a blog setup for you, and all you need to do is talk to the people and share the things you post. Simple as that!

  • Music Videos

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    Every great song needs a video to match. We’ve got your video needs without breaking the bank, so when you feel like you’re ready, we’ll go over your treatment to make sure you’re gravy with everything, and we’ll get to shootin!

  • Packages

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  • Streaming Platform Distribution

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    Itunes | Apple Music | Spotify | Google Play Music | Amazon Music | Vevo | Tidal | & Many More

    People wonder how they get music online on the big steaming platforms, and we’ve got the answer. We offer distribution for singles, and full projects, so whatever you need pushed, we’ve got you. IMPORTANT – in order to publish your music online, the music MUST be original and can’t belong to anyone else or you just threw your money away.

  • Studio Time

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    Every artist needs studio time, but not everyone has $800 to fork over for an entire day, so we decided to offer some options. If you really need to get your music down and edited nice, our low price studio time is for you. If you’ve got your own equipment and you want to get in the big studio, we’ve got that for you as well. Studio time includes mixing and mastering and files in both .mp3 and .wav formats.